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Design Services

  • Electronic Engineering
    • Experienced in conceptualizing ideas into functioning products.
    • Our Engineering staff is knowledgeable in all phases of product development.
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  • Enclosures - Plastic or Metal
    • Metal Enclosures for Low or Robust Applications - Powder Coating Available.
    • Small run prototyping

PCB Panelization

  • Thru-Hole Printed Circuit Board
    • The consideration points are parts proximity to edge of board and interference with wave solder operations. Nearly all boards require an edge rail of some sort. Panelizing even short runs is a benefit as manufacturing costs should decrease as handling requirements are lessened.
    • A good size working panel is 9" x 12". Panels greater than this size typically will be difficult to wave solder.
    • Whether the panel is Tab Routed or Scored will largely depend on the final shape of the PCB. Use caution if the panel is to be scored that there is a reasonable number of scored lines and not a number that your PCB manufacture decides for you. Excess scored panels will be very difficult to properly wave solder.

  • Surface Mount Printed Circuit Board
    • Most of the guidelines listed for Thru-Hole Boards will also apply here. Additionally we will also require Tooling Holes and Fiducials for SMT Placement accuracy. When the SMT pads on a circuit board are plated there is also an option to have an additional mark (known as a fiducial) placed on the board.
    • This is an important step because of the tolerances of either individual or panelized boards as they are finalized in the fabrication process. A pick and place machine with vision can use the fiducial mark to adjust its stored placement program for any fabrication errors. Without these marks the errors that are present from panel to panel cannot be adjusted and may cause a manufacturing defect.