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We are currently working on an online quote program but in the meantime, you can submit your information and someone will get back to you soon with pricing on your board assembly.   


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Total line items on BOM:        Total parts on board:  

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        Are there any SMT parts that are unusual (i.e. rounded LED's):   If yes, what?: 

        Do you have a solder paste stencil?:    If not, do we need to order one for you?: 

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Are there any wires?:    If yes, how many per board:    

       Will they be provided already cut to size and stripped?: 

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              If yes, will you be providing test equipment? 

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It would be helpful if you could also e-mail us the BOM, picture of the assembled board if you have it as well as gerber files so that we can quote this as accurately as possible. If you would like us to purchase the parts for you, a BOM is required. Please e-mail them to

Will you be e-mailing a BOM and gerber files?: